don’t go there…

Of course there’s no point blogging if you don’t want to be read.
But it’s tricky trying to categorise yourself.
Time of life can be a pointer…
Almost 60, in third long term relationship, kids grown up, moved out, moved back, parents on the verge of 90.
Nothing much unusual about those stats these days.
So here I am reflecting on what it’s all about.
Mind you I have always had a tendency to do this. And especially to write about it.

Kingsley Amis wrote a poem called “Something Nasty in the Bookshop” and makes this very wise observation about women,

“…We men have got love well weighed up; our stuff
Can get by without it.
Women don’t seem to think that’s good enough;
They write about it.

And the awful way their poems lay them open
Just doesn’t strike them.
Women are really much nicer than men:
No wonder we like them. …”

So here I am, almost 60, still pondering love, life, and yes, actually the universe as well.
The cosmos, both real and fictional, has always called me and generally you will find references to it one way or another through any of my writing.

As for me, well there are plenty who will argue, me included, that I am very lucky to have the time and opportunity to sit and ponder life.
But I’ll keep on writing and blogging (by the way, so wish there was a better word for that because I have always loved words, language is so beautiful and fluid, ‘blogging’ kind of lands on your screen like a big clump of clay), because at this time, well I just can.


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